DevOps Shifting From On-Prem To SaaS; Are On-Demand OpenStack Private Clouds a Good Fit?

IT departments have embraced a shift in technology and culture, which has accelerated over the last decade. DevOps, which is now an essential branch of every IT department, was no exception to this wave of digital transformation. The COVID pandemic further accelerated these efforts, as businesses attempted to improve  their resilience in the face of a global crisis.

For years, on-premises or infrastructure that wasn’t in the cloud served as the primary DevOps environment for most businesses. A recent 451 Research report found that SaaS is now identified as the most common DevOps environment today, with not much expected to change in the next two years. So what is the ideal solution for Cloud Infrastructure for DevOps: Public Cloud, Private Cloud… or?

This report delves into some important trends and introduces a new breed of open source cloud that may be an ideal option for DevOps.