IT Asset Management for Banks and Financial Services

Banking and Financial Services technology is evolving rapidly causing a direct impact to data security. As a result, the process of IT asset disposition (ITAD) is more complex and introduces significant business risk for you and your organisation. With growing privacy and compliance measures across the globe, there has never been more at stake in protecting sensitive customer information throughout its lifecycle – including disposal.

What should happen to an IT asset at the end of its useful life? How do you identify the right IT asset disposition vendor for your organization?

Listen to this webcast to answer these critical questions and learn more about:

  •  Asset Life Cycle Management (ALM) and your Financial Services organization   
  •  Key pillars to consider for Corporate End Users and Data Center ITAD strategy
  •  Strategies to keep company information secure and compliant
  •  How businesses can dispose and remarket IT assets securely and lawfully
  •  How a proper ITAD Program can help meet your business sustainability goals