Making On-Premises Virtual Private Cloud a Better Option Than Public Cloud

With the burgeoning importance of cloud and the need to have cloudlike agility everywhere, there's no doubt that the future of IT infrastructure is software defined. The question is what form that will take.

While virtualization vendors have promised a highly composable future of IT infrastructure around their hypervisor-based offerings, they have done less in addressing simplicity of deployment and management and concerns around infrastructure cost and overhead. has created a comprehensive, software-defined infrastructure stack that efficiently scales from edge to core to cloud and addresses those issues head-on, providing a highly integrated platform for on-premises and/or off-premises deployment that fully delivers on public cloudlike agility. Enterprises looking at software defined infrastructure options for the first time may not fully appreciate how different is from the mainstream virtualization vendors, but those with that experience will appreciate the simplicity, low cost, high efficiency, and broad scalability that the vendor offers with its platform.