Unit 42 Cloud Threat Report - The COVID-19 Conundrum: Cloud Security Impact and Opportunity

The rush to the cloud persists, fueled in dramatic fashion by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our research shows that cloud security incidents in Q2 of 2020 – April to June – increased by an astounding 188%. In other words, after quickly moving more workloads to the cloud in response to the pandemic, organizations are struggling to mitigate cloud risk.

In this edition of the Unit 42 Cloud Threat Report, our researchers detail the scope of COVID-19's impact on the cloud threat landscape and which types of risk are most prevalent in specific geographies and industries. They also identify actionable steps you can take to reduce the security risks associated with your cloud workloads.

Download the report for a deep dive into:

  • How the latest cloud threats may be affecting your organization
  • The industries that suffered a spike in security incidents due to COVID-19
  • Best practices to help your organization stay ahead of cloud threats

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