Contract Intelligence for the Healthcare Industry

Regulatory uncertainty has created huge challenges in the healthcare industry. National and regional regulatory regimes present major compliance hurdles for companies that want to avoid the fines and bad PR that come from violations, and have left a long trail of multimillion-dollar fines for those that have fallen short of the mark.

Meanwhile, the way companies across all industries operate is being fundamentally altered by digital innovations that represent an opportunity for organizations that successfully adopt them and an existential threat to those that don’t. The disruptions presented by new industry players, new regulations and new technologies are not isolated.

At the forefront of these new technologies is advanced contract intelligence software. Healthcare companies are re-imagining what’s possible with contract lifecycle management (CLM) and structuring and connecting their contracts to  the systems and processes they touch. Contracts define how healthcare companies run, and advanced CLM can transform these documents into strategic advantage.

In this eBook, we will guide readers through the principles of contract intelligence from a healthcare perspective, and explore how this technology can make companies more resilient, agile and competitive.