Foursquare Data Story: Leveraging Location Data for Site Selection

We take a closer look at points of interest and foot traffic patterns to demonstrate how location data can be leveraged to inform better site selection strategies.

For this analysis, we aggregated Census Block Groups into Census Tracts to define and analyze Manhattan’s Soho and Flatiron neighborhoods.

By leveraging the new home and work CBG attributes, we were able to provide a more granular understanding of where consumers live and work to inform business analysis and decisions. This new level of detail allows you to layer Census data such as demographics onto your analysis in order to learn more about visitors to categories, chains, and venues of interest.Foursquare analyzes consumer behavior based on foot traffic data from millions of Americans that make up our always-on panel. For the purpose of this report, all data is anonymized, aggregated and normalized against U.S. Census data to remove any age, gender & geographical bias. 

Key learnings:

  • Different target audiences  with different needs
  • Visitation patterns and staffing/hours of operation vary
  • Competitive differences
  • Outcomes and next steps

Read the full report to better understand the role of location data in uncovering trends in consumer behavior, assessing the competitive landscape and unlocking unique opportunities for venue expansion.