Risk Management: A Year in Review and Look Forward

2021 has been a year of tremendous change.  From an IRM perspective, it helps to think of 2020 as a GRC gap year where the raging storm of the pandemic consumed most of our attention.  However, 2021 has also been the year where we began to emerge from the storm, started our clean-up and prepared to build back.  But as we build back, rather than just returning to the way things were, we need to know what’s changed and quickly adapt. 

Join French Caldwell, Chief Strategy Officer at Archer, by registering for this on-demand webcast that will be available starting Monday, December 6th at 9am EST, as he explores the current state of a holistic and dynamic approach to risk management. Additionally, he will share his insights and observations of how organizations, especially those who have struggled can take action to improve risk management frameworks for the future.