The Importance of Implementing Sustainable Operations Management Software

Maintaining high standards of safety and efficiency in the industrial environment is inherently difficult and software users do not want to be forced to replace their systems when requirements change. They are looking for applications that will evolve steadily with their changing requirements over the long term, a decade or more, rather than just years. 

This paper discusses the features and capabilities that are essential for sustainable, future-proof Operations Management Software (OMS). An OMS should:
• Embrace the concept of continuous improvement deep in the core of the software
• Provide a toolset that enables the user to make small, frequent changes to the configuration without calling in specialized programmers
• Take advantage of annual upgrades that automatically provide the latest features, again without calling the specialists 
• Provide an extensive and extendable suite of applications to cover the broad range of operations management requirements
• Be provided by a vendor that has the industrial knowhow to grow with the end user and provide the kind of support that is critical in the industrial environment 

The benefits of this approach to Operations Management Software are well known in the manufacturing sector but in our opinion, they have been largely ignored or overlooked in process industries.