Webinar series: Exceed Customer Expectations by Offering Always-on Service

Organizations must constantly adapt their business processes to offer solutions quickly and exceed customer expectations. Watch this webinar series to learn how to increase customer satisfaction by delivering always-on, scalable, customer-centric experiences. All four episodes are available on demand now. 
Episode 1:  Scale Service and Support to Match Customer Demand

  • Hear from Microsoft Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Gabriele “G” Masili about scaling customer service through self-service solutions. 
  • Learn how to keep up with unexpected contact center volumes by using virtual agents, knowledge base portals, and other always-on solutions.
  • Explore best practices for implementing digital self-service solutions in your organization.

Episode 2: Provide Meaningful, Empathetic Customer Interactions

  • Juan Carlos Padilla, CEO of the Acaya organization in Madrid, will discuss how they used technology to provide social services for thousands of individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Learn about Acaya’s solution for connecting over 1,000 volunteers with the community, including isolated areas.
  • Discover ways to implement similar programs that enable communities to remain connected under any circumstances.

 Episode 3: Deliver Customer-Centric Connected Experiences

  • Learn from Microsoft and Siemens experts about end-to-end solutions that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
  • Find out how to achieve business longevity by shifting from transactional to experiential customer service.
  • Explore ways to provide on-demand convenience during every step of the customer journey. 

 Episode 4: Empower Firstline Workers with the Right Tools at the Right Time 

  • Find out how the UK’s National Health Service used always-on remote services to provide better patient care and improve staff safety. 
  • Learn how to empower efficient team collaboration from different locations—even when disruptions occur. 
  • Discover mixed reality technologies that allow you to scale your services remotely and efficiently.